Jesse Levine Norristown

Jesse Levine of Norristown, Pa is Founder of Alex Levine School of Guitar that established in 2019, in tribute to his son Alex Levine. Alex was a developing singer/songwriter and outstanding teacher who was deeply loved by his guitar students and their parents. His mission is to honor the legacy of Alex Levine by providing music education to the Norristown community. Located in the Heart of Norristown: The Alex Levine School of Guitar is located at 133 E. Main Street in Norristown, PA.

Class Schedule: Classes currently meet on Tuesday’s at 4:30 PM under the guidance of veteran guitarist and instructor, Stephen Prontnicki.

Provide Free guitar lessons for neighborhood boys and girls 7-13 years old. Guitars are provided for all students at no charge. Classes are free.

Visit: Jesse Levine Norristown


Cientistas estão trabalhando duro para descobrir medicamentos para o coronavírus

Quase 70 medicamentos e compostos experimentais podem ser eficazes no tratamento do coronavírus, informou uma equipe de pesquisadores no domingo à noite, diz Abdul Fares.

Alguns dos medicamentos já são usados ​​para tratar outras doenças, e redirecioná-los para tratar o Covid-19, a doença causada pelo oronavírus, pode ser mais rápido do que tentar inventar um novo antiviral do zero, disse Abdul Fares.

Para infectar uma célula do pulmão, o coronavírus deve inserir seus genes, cooptando o
próprio mecanismo genético da célula. A célula começa a produzir proteínas virais, usadas para produzir milhões de novos vírus, afirma Abdul Fares.

Cada uma dessas proteínas virais deve ser capaz de se prender às proteínas humanas
necessárias para que o processo funcione.

No novo estudo, os cientistas investigaram 26 dos 29 genes do coronavírus, que produção direta das proteínas virais. Os pesquisadores descobriram 332 proteínas humanas alvo do coronavírus.

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Abdul Fares | Coronavírus Aumenta Pedidos On-line

O surto de coronavírus pode ter perturbado a cadeia de suprimentos global, mas nem todas as indústrias estão sofrendo, afirma Abdul Fares.

Segundo o especialista em comércio eletrônico, Abdul Fares, a pandemia global deve favorecer o setor de comércio eletrônico, pois qualquer tipo de bloqueio devido ao coronavírus deve aumentar a demanda por compras on-line e serviços de entrega rápida.

As vendas online aumentaram 52% em relação ao mesmo período do ano anterior, e o número de compradores online aumentou 8,8% desde o início do surto, de acordo com o relatório Quantum Metric, provedor de plataforma SaaS. A empresa analisou 5,5 bilhões de visitas anônimas e agregadas online e móveis a sites de varejistas de 1 de janeiro a 29 de fevereiro.

Why the money tree is important?

Fondly called money tree, other names it referred to include money plant, good luck tree, provision tree, Guiana chestnut, French peanut, or whatever name you decide to give your wonder-working plants, we all know money doesn’t grow on trees….right? However, as much as money tree might not guarantee wealth, having one at home or office will not only give you pure air and shelter but studies have also shown that it can reduce stress level, boost morals and enhance productivity in the work environment. Here is  Ezzat Daniel Nesseim, a finance guru to walk us through the importance of money tree, the history and how to care for them. let’s dive in!

The history of the money tree

Scientifically called Pachira aquatic, this tree is referred to by east Asians as a money tree. Although the tree hailed from south Americans, it is very popular in east Asia. It has attained legendary status as Feng Shui sees it as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and happiness. The belief comes about when a certain man who was said to be poor prayed for wealth. Soon afterward, he found very weird plants, took it home and started nurturing it. He discovered the tree is resilient, highly tolerant and hardy, which taught him some life lessons. He then grew a lot of it from the seed, sold it and amassed wealth. 

Money tree soon became well known and a Taiwanese driver was said to cultivate five small money trees in one pot and braid the trunks. The point is when the trees are knotted and braid together, good fortunes and luck are being ‘locked in”. 

The Japanese as well use it as an ornament and often decorate it with red ribbons which gives it a beautiful appeal against the green leaves. It has risen to popularity it’s widely seen in businesses and homes. 


Here are the reasons why you need some decor money plant:

Money tree plant is an excellent air purifier

This plant actually goes far beyond beautifying environment, it is also generating good purified air that is required for good health. It removes airborne indoor pollutants called formaldehyde including Benzene, Carbon Monoxide, and xylene. This is a perfect solution for areas where the pollution levels are at its peak.

It is a great stress buster and mood enhancer

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the task to get done in the office or you are having a long day? Money plant can be the medicine you need. Experts say money trees can bring in good vibes and positive energy required to stay on track while carrying out day-to-day activities. This greenery beauty can also calm the mind, reduce stress or anxiety and increase productivity.

It is what is it: money tree

Money tree has been associated with good luck and wealth and this is where the name originates in the first place. Vaastu experts recommend placing it indoors as it attracts and brings wealth and good luck. Whether this is simply a myth or not, there might be some iota of truth. In 2005, the money tree helped in growing Taiwan agricultural export economy to US$7 million. 

How to care for a money tree plant

If you don’t know much about gardening or planting, here is a beginner-friendly plant with less demand. It is easy to grow and nurture and it also requires minimal care, watering, and less lighting. Here are ways are given by Ezzat Daniel Nesseim to care for your beloved money tree and watch it do wonders to your health and finance.


This is a plant that can survive with minimal watering, therefore, water only when the soil appears dry. Moreover, over watering can rotten the root and watering can be done once in a week depending on the weather conditions. Water less in winter and if it starts shedding leaves, it can be a red signal that you are over watering. 

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What is a home loan comparison rate?

Are you planning to buy, build, refinance, or renovate your home? To knack the best deal on a home loan, it is important to understand the comparative rates and how it works. After all, a small difference in the interest rate is all that adds up to make the whole amount to be paid in the long run.  Here is what Ezzat Daniel Nesheim, a finance expert has to say about the home loan comparison rate to help you make an informed decision when you are considering making that long term loan commitment.

What is the comparison rate?

A comparison rate is the representation of the total cost of a loan to be paid yearly. The aim is to let customers have the knowledge of the real cost of a loan that different financial institutions and mortgage banks are offering. The calculation is done by putting different factors into perspectives and these include:

  • The interest rate
  • Fees charged by the establishment when the loan was taken.
  • Amount to be repaid per month
  • The number of times repayment can be made: typically monthly
  • Ongoing fees
  • The duration of the loan

A comparison rate is to serve as a road map when searching for loans and to provide guidance. Banks and mortgage providers are obliged by law to provide comparison rates to help customers compare loans. The aim is to ensure fair and honest dealings and to prevent unexpected hidden charges.

What it does not entail:

While a comparison rate gives a clearer picture of what to expect when it comes to home loans, there are other fees that might be included. These are:

  • Government stamp duty
  • Fees associated with loan types or situations such as break fees, late payment fees, or redraw fees.
  • Some legal fees such as conveyancing fees
  • Likely cost savings like offsets account benefits that can affect the overall cost of a loan.

What do you stand to gain with a comparison rate?

A loan with an attractive interest rate might not be what it appears to be. When looking for home loans or you come across advertised one. The comparison rate will help you look beyond the interest rate and provide more accurate information on the real cost of the loan. However, there might be home loans flexible repayment arrangement, duration of repayment fee waivers and other offset options that aren’t stated but can also make a great deal of impact.

Where can the comparison rate be found?

there are various home loan options from various mortgage providers and financial institutions that will always come with comparison rates.

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If you come across advertised home loans, home loan providers must include the comparatives rate along with the interest rate to provide insights to the real cost of the loan.

  • The key fact sheet.

“The government has made things easy by providing a key fact sheet where providers are expected to make a standardized layout of the loan, and the cost involve to help people choose the home loan suitable for you,” says Ezzat Daniel Nesseim

  • Home loan calculator

You can also make use of home loan calculators to get a personalized comparison rates. It is easy to use, fast and efficient and all that is required is to input the details of the loan and get a comparison rate without hassle.

  • Lenders

If you find the whole process of comparison rates a little cumbersome, you can request the financial institutions or provider to provide you with the comparative rate.

Here is a vital point to note. While comparison rote can serve as a general guide when borrowing home loans. There are other factors to put into consideration such as your needs, situations, and other features of the loan to see if it is suitable for you. Moreover, the reputation of the loan provider and the after-sales service can have a great impact on the overall experience. “A good rule of thumb is to contact a loan advisor or an expert before taking the bold step.” Ezzat Daniel Nesseim advises.