How Bouclair become Local to Global

Peter Goldberg (recently CEO at Bouclair) contacted me about fifteen years ago, he wanted to meet me, says the founder of Couche-Tard Alain Bouchard. He was about 32 at the time, if I remember correctly. “

“I was 31 years old, confirms Peter Goldberg. I wrote a letter to Mr. Bouchard in which I invited him to lunch, saying that I was a young entrepreneur, that I had a project and that I wanted to ask him questions. I was very lucky that he accepts. I had my notebook, my pencil, and when he spoke, I took notes. He encouraged me and it was very important for me at this stage of my career.

Shortly after, in 2003, Peter Goldberg bought Bouclair, the family business founded by his father and then owned by a few shareholders.

It was the beginning of a turn that upset the company’s foundation, a rare case of a retailer that is changing business completely – and succeeding.

Bouclair specialized in the sale of fabrics and sewing items, a declining market. It was necessary to correct the trend. A significant portion of the materials purchased from Bouclair were for the manufacture of draperies. “It was not a major change from fabric curtains to ready-made curtains,” says the discreet entrepreneur, in excellent French. “And when you have curtains, you can offer cushions. Therefore, why not a carpet? Then you consider the whole house. “

From one thread to another, Bouclair turned to decoration. In 2007, the company opened its first Bouclair Maison store, exclusively dedicated to decorative items. This amalgamated company name perpetuated the brand’s reputation, while underlining its new orientation.

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