Why Visiting Bouclair Store Was My Best Decision

Peter Goldberg - Home Decor

Recently, I bought a new home in Canada and my family really loved it. However, buying a new furniture was not that easy for me. Someone from the professional network told me about Bouclair – A complete shop of furniture and home décor and his founder Peter Goldberg. After reading their reviews on the internet, I finally decided to visit the store. The ambiance was quite impressive, the soft music, decoration, and peace make you feel like you are in a paradise. However, the team was very amiable and professional.

In the first visit only I liked their products, but there are many other reasons also why I prefer Bouclair over any other furniture store. Let’s explore together.

Peter Goldberg - Bouclair Home

Simply Elegant

“Elegant” is the perfect word to describe the furniture and other home products offer by Bouclair. It is stylish, simple, and retro-chic with a stylish look that is difficult to find anywhere else. The whole team of Bouclair truly deserves to applaud. They devote maximum time in sourcing or creating new products without compromising their quality and looks. Their products speak everything you want to hear!

Superior Quality

Buying anything online is not always a good deal. Especially when it comes to furniture. However, with Bouclair, you can trust the quality of the furniture and the service of the team. Whether you order their product online or visit a physical store, you will always get the best deal for sure.

Solid Material

Nowadays, most furniture in the market is ply and compressed wood. But Boculair, offer their customers real wood. We ordered Faux Leather and Wood Veneer Storage Bench, and two-door wooden buffet with shelf.  Both the wooden pieces were real stuff and good stuff. If I talk about the other products like wall décor, lightings, etc., these products surely give your living room elegance and sophisticated look. Read More…


Bouclair’s Peter Goldberg: We’ve created an in-store experience like no other: one of leisure and entertainment.

Peter Goldberg Bouclair - Home Decor

In recent years, the number of online transactions has skyrocketed, with the e-commerce market only getting bigger by the minute. Since online shopping can easily be done from the comfort of one’s home, this data doesn’t come as a huge surprise. Favourite pajamas on, coffee in hand, sitting on the couch – there really is nothing easier than shopping online.

Peter Goldberg Bouclair - Home Decor

Retail chains therefore have to adapt their strategies in order to attract customers – in a way, competing against themselves. They need the most efficient e-commerce platforms, the best user experience, the prettiest creative assets and the most convincing marketing emails, but they also need to keep the in-store experience fresh in order to ensure existing physical customers keep coming back while new ones also feel compelled to walk through their doors. A tough feat in an era where the digital world is king.

Coming up with a new store concept and offering a different kind of experience to its in-store shoppers was primordial for home decor company Bouclair, who recently reopened its Quartier DIX30 store after a complete overhaul of the space. Peter Goldberg, President and CEO of the Canadian chain Bouclair says: “We’ve listened to customers and have created an in-store experience at DIX30 like no other: one of leisure and entertainment. Every detail is meant to inspire and engage shoppers. The only thing we kept are our signature prices – those aren’t going anywhere.”

Peter Goldberg Bouclair - Home decor

What exactly did customers want? After experiencing the renovated DIX30 space firsthand, it’s clear shoppers wanted a store that didn’t make shopping feel like a chore. Instead, the pleasing perfume of the location, its organic materials, its fun music and its impressive array of trendy home decor items transform it into a destination. Bouclair DIX30 is no longer a spot created to simply trigger a purchase from its customers, it’s meant as an entertainment destination – an in-real-life magazine where one can find endless inspiration for their home. The bonus? Unlike a magazine, you can actually touch, feel and try everything there. Much to the delight of most shoppers everywhere, the prices are still as affordable, a must for a brand who prides itself on helping all Canadians make the most of their spaces. In a market like home decor, which has seen so little growth in the past year, low prices and elevated experiences seems to be a winning combination in order to keep attracting new shoppers.

Located inside of Quartier DIX30, at 9550 Boul. Leduc, Suite 40, the freshly renovated Bouclair store is worth a visit for anyone who wishes to truly understand what the future of in-store retail looks like. Open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm, Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on all shoppers – one they’ll without a doubt want to bring home with them with the help of a few carefully selected decor items.

Reference Link: Bouclair’s Peter Goldberg