Happy After buying Furniture from Peter Goldberg Bouclair

peter goldberg bouclair home furniture

Here at the Peter Goldberg’s Bouclair Store, we’re in the market for some furnishings. Our front room is as of now semi-outfitted with an agreeable yet falling apart love seat and some extra eating seats; we’d like a pleasant easy chair or two and a few tables.

I’ve been frustrated by its (modest representation of the truth alert!) absence of solidness. This time I’d like to have a go at purchasing utilized however higher-quality. As I glanced around, however, I understood that I realized next to no about what makes for a solid, dependable household item.

Furnished with this data, I feel considerably more certain about moving toward future furniture buys, both new and utilized. I trust you think that it’s supportive as well. Upbeat chasing!


About Bouclair Interior Design Firm and Owner Peter Goldberg

Bouclair Store History

Bouclair was founded in Montreal by the Peter Goldberg‘s family in 1970. In 2003, Peter Goldberg acquired the company after leading the management. Bouclair has about one hundred stores in Canada.

Established as a texture and sewing business, Bouclair has developed into a way of life brand that offers reasonable facilitated stylish layout for each room in the home.

Bouclair employs more than 1,200 dedicated Canadians, and they will continue to proudly serve our customers across the country as they have been doing for almost 50 years.

The 5 bathroom decor ideas that’ll inspire you

bathroom ideas

Soak in all that inspo!

Raise your hand if your main bath is everything you want it to be… Yeah, thought so.

According to Peter Goldberg, If TV is to be trusted, a bathroom is supposed to be your spa-like oasis, the place you escape to, the most relaxing spot in your home. But for most people, a bathroom is, well… just a bathroom.

Often small and cramped, washrooms are seldom the first room we think about revamping, unless it’s in need of a major reno. But you know what? There is hope for your bathroom and it doesn’t require a complete overhaul! Simply updating it with a few affordable add-ons will make it seem like a brand new space, one you can finally actually relax in.

Let’s dive in – here are our top 5 bathroom decor ideas that are sure to make a big splash:

1.     A utilitarian surface by the tub

A utilitarian surface by the tub

No more space on the edge of the bathtub or have a gorgeous yet slightly impractical clawfoot tub? Place a handy side table within reach and outfit it with your essentials. Want to watch your favourite show while taking as little soak? You now have an extra surface for your electronics!

  1. Add plants!


Want to turn your “me time” in the bathroom into a mini tropical getaway? Add some plants! If your bathroom has no windows or if the fan pretty much always needs to be on because of moisture overload, the thought of growing real plants in there may seem absurd to you, but faux plants will thrive anywhere! No stress, and you’ll get the look you crave without having to lift a finger.

3.     A seat


Putting on lotion just got easier! Select a bench that’s moisture-resistant, made of a material like metal or wood, or treat any fabric to a waterproof spray, available at hardware stores. Always looking for more space to stash towels or bath toys? Opt for a storage ottoman. Actually having a sit while you bathe the kids and not drowning in chaos? Game-changing!

4.   A towel rack


No disrespect to hooks, but hanging wet towels on a towel rack gives them an incredibly superior dry. Damp towels are more vulnerable to bacterial growth so we want them to dry faster. Plus, towel racks look and feel luxurious, freeing up those hooks behind the door for that robe you love slipping on right after a majestic bubble bath.

5.   A bath tray


Speaking of bubble baths, having a stylish tray in there with you is the ultimate way to take their sumptuousness to the next level. Wine in the tub? A total must if you ask us. Throw in a candle and a cheese plate, there’s room! With a fairly simple DIY project, you won’t believe you’ve lived without it all this time!

Source: Bouclair


How Bouclair become Local to Global

Home Decor

Peter Goldberg (recently CEO at Bouclair) contacted me about fifteen years ago, he wanted to meet me, says the founder of Couche-Tard Alain Bouchard. He was about 32 at the time, if I remember correctly. “

“I was 31 years old, confirms Peter Goldberg. I wrote a letter to Mr. Bouchard in which I invited him to lunch, saying that I was a young entrepreneur, that I had a project and that I wanted to ask him questions. I was very lucky that he accepts. I had my notebook, my pencil, and when he spoke, I took notes. He encouraged me and it was very important for me at this stage of my career.

Shortly after, in 2003, Peter Goldberg bought Bouclair, the family business founded by his father and then owned by a few shareholders.

It was the beginning of a turn that upset the company’s foundation, a rare case of a retailer that is changing business completely – and succeeding.

Bouclair specialized in the sale of fabrics and sewing items, a declining market. It was necessary to correct the trend. A significant portion of the materials purchased from Bouclair were for the manufacture of draperies. “It was not a major change from fabric curtains to ready-made curtains,” says the discreet entrepreneur, in excellent French. “And when you have curtains, you can offer cushions. Therefore, why not a carpet? Then you consider the whole house. “

From one thread to another, Bouclair turned to decoration. In 2007, the company opened its first Bouclair Maison store, exclusively dedicated to decorative items. This amalgamated company name perpetuated the brand’s reputation, while underlining its new orientation.

For more details: Lapress.ca

Peter Goldberg Bouclair – Plants the Secret of Happiness

plants - peter goldberg bouclair

Have those winter blues caught up to you yet?

Well, here we are. It’s officially January, the month Canadian workers have deemed the most depressing one of all. It’s believed that over 50% of employed Canadians will have their mood affected by the cold this season, with 15% of us experiencing some sort of Seasonal Affective Disorder. What am I trying to achieve by throwing all of these stats at you and possibly bumming you out even more?

Well, I’ve got a solution for the winter blues!

As you already know from high school biology class, plants are great for your health since they purify the air you breathe, and they can also help improve your mood and your focus. But having real plants indoors can sometimes lead to less than stellar results, and your self-esteem can start taking a hit if you can’t manage to keep anything alive during the winter months.

Did you know that fake plants are also a great alternative for bettering your mood at this time of year? Yep, it’s been proven – simply looking at nature (we’re talking even staring at nature-depicting wall decor) can reduce stress and improve concentration.

So why not take the plunge and build yourself an indoor garden? The design possibilities are endless so you’re sure to find something that suits your style, and the reward is immediate.

Here are a few fake plant arrangement styles to get you inspired:

The glam coffee table tray

plants decoration - peter goldberg bouclair

Plants are already relaxing, but put candles next to them and suddenly, you’re at a spa. Add some gold accents – a 2019 trend we simply can’t get enough of – and you get a stunning little display you’ll love to admire as you binge-watch your favorite show. Set on a tray, it’ll be easy to move around should you need extra space on your table at Peter Goldberg Bouclair.

The bountiful shelves


Have some shelves? Outfit them with plants! Because they’re nature’s neutrals, plants of any and all kinds can be paired together, no restrictions. Just make sure your pots’ hues go together. Here, we used all neutrals – greys, whites and clear glass – plus sleek metallics for a chic pop.

The quirky vertical garden


This is a little more of a project, but you’ll be so impressed once you see the whole thing finished – by its looks and by your skills! Install small shelves in an eclectic pattern on the wall, or even DIY your own floating shelves, and then paint them the same color as the wall, ensuring both the green of the plants and the colors of your planters will pop against your chosen hue. A perfect choice here would be a timeless classic that’s been trending in recent years, chalkboard paint, allowing you to even label the different kinds of plants directly on the wall.

The modern piece of furniture


Have a piece of furniture you love, but that you feel has never fully served its purpose? Whether it’s a bookshelf, a buffet, or a funky console like this one, it’s probably just waiting to welcome some plants! They work in every single room without the need to consider the amount of sunlight a location gets when working with fake ones.

And don’t forget about that wall decor!

This image breathes well-being, doesn’t it? That’s thanks to the magical combo that is nature-depicting wall decor and plants! Recreate the look at home by selecting images that fuel your sense of wanderlust and juxtaposing them with plants in the same tones, for an effect that almost brings the images to life. Get ready to feel invigorated every single day!

We’re excited to see how plants add a little happiness in your life.

Show us your lively, faux indoor gardens by using #bouclair or tagging @bouclair on Instagram!

Source By: https://blog.bouclair.com/let-plants-add-a-little-happiness-to-your-life

How Peter Goldberg has made Bouclair One Stop Shop for Home Decor?

Peter Goldberg Bouclair - perfect for online shopping

Buying furniture to make your home a paradise is not an everyday task. Indeed. Therefore, while buying furniture it is necessary to approach a store who provide a quality product in a wide range and at the affordable price. Personally, I prefer Bouclair store collection, and the reasons are many.

When Peter Goldberg first introduced Bouclair Store they revolutionized the furniture industry in many ways. The most recognizable way was how they were capable to offer serviceable products at prices that were less as compared to competitors’ prices.

The other revolution, which is often unnoticed within the furniture industry, is the way they marketed their products by giving complete and accurate descriptions to make easier for customers to understand what they were buying.

Peter Goldberg Bouclair - Home Decor

Here are many other reasons that make Bouclair Store my first choice to buy furniture. Let’s explore.

  • Perfect For Online Shopping

  • Perfect For Quick Delivery

  • Perfect For Modern Room

  • Perfect For Unique Budget

  • Perfect For New Traditional

  • Perfect For Offers And Discounts

Final Words

Do you really think it is easy to sell products at reasonable prices or offering discounts without compromising the quality? Well, the answer is – ‘YES’. Creativity and talent are the keys. When you are smart and talented, nothing can stop you to bring out unique results. In the end, the customer is the one who makes or break your success. Maybe this is the reason why customer satisfaction and desire are the topmost priority of Bouclair. So these are the reasons, why Peter Goldberg – Bouclair store is my first choice when it comes to the latest furniture and home decor products.

If you are looking for a brand that offers furniture products and home décor items with amazing facilities like – quick service, great online shopping experience, reasonable price, amazing discount and offers, and much more, Bouclair is the one-stop shop for you.

Source: AllPerfect Stories

Why Visiting Bouclair Store Was My Best Decision

Peter Goldberg - Home Decor

Recently, I bought a new home in Canada and my family really loved it. However, buying a new furniture was not that easy for me. Someone from the professional network told me about Bouclair – A complete shop of furniture and home décor and his founder Peter Goldberg. After reading their reviews on the internet, I finally decided to visit the store. The ambiance was quite impressive, the soft music, decoration, and peace make you feel like you are in a paradise. However, the team was very amiable and professional.

In the first visit only I liked their products, but there are many other reasons also why I prefer Bouclair over any other furniture store. Let’s explore together.

Peter Goldberg - Bouclair Home

Simply Elegant

“Elegant” is the perfect word to describe the furniture and other home products offer by Bouclair. It is stylish, simple, and retro-chic with a stylish look that is difficult to find anywhere else. The whole team of Bouclair truly deserves to applaud. They devote maximum time in sourcing or creating new products without compromising their quality and looks. Their products speak everything you want to hear!

Superior Quality

Buying anything online is not always a good deal. Especially when it comes to furniture. However, with Bouclair, you can trust the quality of the furniture and the service of the team. Whether you order their product online or visit a physical store, you will always get the best deal for sure.

Solid Material

Nowadays, most furniture in the market is ply and compressed wood. But Boculair, offer their customers real wood. We ordered Faux Leather and Wood Veneer Storage Bench, and two-door wooden buffet with shelf.  Both the wooden pieces were real stuff and good stuff. If I talk about the other products like wall décor, lightings, etc., these products surely give your living room elegance and sophisticated look. Read More…