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Have those winter blues caught up to you yet?

Well, here we are. It’s officially January, the month Canadian workers have deemed the most depressing one of all. It’s believed that over 50% of employed Canadians will have their mood affected by the cold this season, with 15% of us experiencing some sort of Seasonal Affective Disorder. What am I trying to achieve by throwing all of these stats at you and possibly bumming you out even more?

Well, I’ve got a solution for the winter blues!

As you already know from high school biology class, plants are great for your health since they purify the air you breathe, and they can also help improve your mood and your focus. But having real plants indoors can sometimes lead to less than stellar results, and your self-esteem can start taking a hit if you can’t manage to keep anything alive during the winter months.

Did you know that fake plants are also a great alternative for bettering your mood at this time of year? Yep, it’s been proven – simply looking at nature (we’re talking even staring at nature-depicting wall decor) can reduce stress and improve concentration.

So why not take the plunge and build yourself an indoor garden? The design possibilities are endless so you’re sure to find something that suits your style, and the reward is immediate.

Here are a few fake plant arrangement styles to get you inspired:

The glam coffee table tray

plants decoration - peter goldberg bouclair

Plants are already relaxing, but put candles next to them and suddenly, you’re at a spa. Add some gold accents – a 2019 trend we simply can’t get enough of – and you get a stunning little display you’ll love to admire as you binge-watch your favorite show. Set on a tray, it’ll be easy to move around should you need extra space on your table at Peter Goldberg Bouclair.

The bountiful shelves


Have some shelves? Outfit them with plants! Because they’re nature’s neutrals, plants of any and all kinds can be paired together, no restrictions. Just make sure your pots’ hues go together. Here, we used all neutrals – greys, whites and clear glass – plus sleek metallics for a chic pop.

The quirky vertical garden


This is a little more of a project, but you’ll be so impressed once you see the whole thing finished – by its looks and by your skills! Install small shelves in an eclectic pattern on the wall, or even DIY your own floating shelves, and then paint them the same color as the wall, ensuring both the green of the plants and the colors of your planters will pop against your chosen hue. A perfect choice here would be a timeless classic that’s been trending in recent years, chalkboard paint, allowing you to even label the different kinds of plants directly on the wall.

The modern piece of furniture


Have a piece of furniture you love, but that you feel has never fully served its purpose? Whether it’s a bookshelf, a buffet, or a funky console like this one, it’s probably just waiting to welcome some plants! They work in every single room without the need to consider the amount of sunlight a location gets when working with fake ones.

And don’t forget about that wall decor!

This image breathes well-being, doesn’t it? That’s thanks to the magical combo that is nature-depicting wall decor and plants! Recreate the look at home by selecting images that fuel your sense of wanderlust and juxtaposing them with plants in the same tones, for an effect that almost brings the images to life. Get ready to feel invigorated every single day!

We’re excited to see how plants add a little happiness in your life.

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